Throwing shade at work is a blood sport. You may have no desire to play, but you must remain prepared. The best way to win the shade game is to understand how others play.

  • Subconscious Shade

Throwing shade because it’s who you are.

  • Self-Shade

Intentionally throwing shade on someone, but failing because it also applies to you.

  • Paper Trail Shade

Reducing your ratchet urges and hood mentalities to respond to somebody  in an unprofessional manner. Professional Paper Trail Shaders maintain all their receipts. Beware: they will hurt you if you’re not prepared.

  • Stakeholder Shade

Purposely ignoring stakeholders to advance organizational goals and personal motives. Corrupt people always have this type of shade in their arsenal.

  • Countering Shade

Fearlessly clapping-back on somebody. You appear cool, calm, and collected, but your clap-back game is strong! They’re not ready!! They weren’t built for this!  You counter their shade with something that is equal to or greater than what they tried. At the end of the day, they will take it to another level.

  • Salary Shade

Reminding others of how much money you make. Entertaining conversations with the intention of making others feel broke or inadequate. These people are extremely petty.

  • Resume Shade

Throwing shade because your resume is too lit. These people attribute your intelligence with the type of school you went to. They count degrees but forget y’all make the same amount.

  • Forgetful Shade

Purposely forgetting about someone so you can minimize their value or relevance. Pretending you forgot about something in order to set someone else up.

  • Resignation Shade

Quitting your job in the most dramatic way. You knew 2 weeks ago you was gonna dip out. But you waited until today. You toss papers, delete reports, and change the wifi codes. You produce dysfunction because revenge is real–and it’s finally yours. And you don’t care cause your direct deposit is guaranteed and life is gonna be great

  • Discriminating Shade

Throwing shade that inherently discriminates someone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, class, or political views.


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