3 Influencers That Can Foster Growth For Your Brand

Growing your brand isn’t the amount of likes, shares, retweets or reposts you receive on a daily basis. Oftentimes, we believe branding is how we influence others, but it’s really built on how others influence us. The power of your brand is connected to the power of those who influence you. In order to grow our brand, we must understand how key relationships foster growth and stability. Consequently, we must protect ourselves to ensure we’re not connected to unnecessary influencers.

Here are three critical influencers we need to expand and empower our brand for extraordinary results.

1.Cultural Critics

I understand, we have PLENTY of critics in our lives. However, criticism doesn’t necessarily translate to negativity. The expansion of our brand is connected to the culture that receives it. Therefore, we must be connected to people who understand the complexities and dynamics of the culture. Every great squad has well-informed, engaging critics who are sensitive to where the culture is and where it needs to be. These people utilize their innovative and thought-provoking skills to encourage you to operate on a higher level, think outside the box, and adopt world-class, relevant methods and strategies.

People who fail with growing their brand understand where the culture is, but fail to perform actions for where it’s going. Social media is a prime example, some people are using proven strategies that worked last year, but aren’t adopting methods that are used today, or will be used tomorrow. That’s where quality cultural critics comes in. They use their insight and expertise to examine how your brand is currently translating and create methods for future expansion. Don’t make the mistake in thinking your criticism is enough, learn from other people.

2. Thought Leaders

Leveraging your brand to connect with thought leaders is a proven method. Everybody does it, including Auntie Oprah, Sis Beyoncé and cousin Kevin. One of the greatest tests of a brand is not how you translate to your expected consumer, but to the unexpected ones — that’s when you can identify the potency and power of your brand. Engaging with thought leaders will expand your social media footprint.

Building value-based relationships with thought leaders, people who influence the climate and culture of an industry, may help you obtain more followers. A thought leader’s pulse is on the activities and trends of an industry. Followers seek leadership and information from thought leaders. They follow them on social media, listen to their advice, purchase their items and follow whoever their leader endorses. If you want to move the needle with gaining more followers, then connect with thought leaders.

3. Industry Advocates

You can have a full grasp of the culture, engage with dynamic thought leaders, but you will not elevate without someone advocating for you. Growing brands have communities of people advocating for them. They refer them to opportunities and share branding materials in new spaces.

Seek mentorship from experts in your industry or get left behind. The fact is, your competitors are applying their advice, practicing their solutions, and moving past you in a stronger, more efficient way. Another fact is that growing brands have informal ambassadors supporting them. A small conversation is someone advocating for you. A social-media share is someone advocating for you. Your advocates will bring your brand to another level.

2018 is all about expanding our brand. Let’s get it.


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