3 Ways To Slim Down During The Holiday Season

1. Christmas Party Calories Count

Many times we indulge in free food and drinks at holiday parties and let the fellowship distract us. Holiday parties add anywhere between 600 up to 1,200 additional calories on top of our daily intake. Eating a healthy meal before attending holiday parties will curve your appetite, making extra calories undesirable. Punches and sugary filled holiday cocktails are also the culprit of sneaky calories. When drinking alcohol, remove sugary filled mixers and anything containing color. This will slash the empty calorie count that drinking creates.

2.  Potluck Lunches Are Not Your Friend

Office potluck lunches are enticing, but you have no idea what ingredients your co-worker used to cook their favorite potluck dish. It is impossible to count calories when you do not know what they slid into their secret recipes. The goal of potluck dishes is to lure your tastebuds, not trim your waistline. If you are indulging, taste very small bites of your counterpart’s dish, which will allow you to get the experience and cost you a fraction of the calories.

3.   Leave The Cookies For Santa

Its a holiday tradition to indulge in cookies and an egg nog night cap. The late night sweets are the most dangerous of them all. The calories consumed late at night have slim to no chance of being burned off. Tasty sugary nightcaps  put us to sleep leaving the sugar with nothing to do, but sit in unwanted areas. If you are going to partake in these late night delicacies, start your morning with an at home workout routine in addition to your normal regiment.


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