Reclaiming My Time: 3 People In your Circle That You Should Avoid

Toxic people interrupt our lives forcing us to mismanage our time, energy, and resources. Although we cannot reclaim our time from them, we can certainly ensure it doesn’t happen again. Typically, toxic people embody 3 critical characteristics, make sure you avoid them.

1.  Lack interest towards our growth

Our lives are filled with opportunities to grow. Growing through experiences, circumstances, and situations. Toxic people inconsistently meet promises and expectations. They perform actions that intensify our limitations while damaging our emotions. Although they may appear to be well-intentioned, toxic people aren’t supportive or invested in our dreams. Their definition of growth is remaining who we were in the past. They may be with us on our journey, but they don’t add any value.

2.  Insensitive to our values

Our values are intractably linked to our passions and purpose. We spend our lives learning about ourselves, developing relationships, and successfully adulting. However, toxic people continuously murder our development. They will encourage us to engage in actions that are directly contrary to our purpose. They will minimize our values for them to feel safe, comfortable, and relevant. They will cast judgment and manipulate our values to receive something in return. They aren’t sensitive to our needs.

3.  Hijack our flow

Toxic people consistently hijack our flow. They want us to fulfill their needs without any reciprocation. They may unconsciously insert negative energies in our spirit forcing us to remain stagnant. Toxic people inhibit our ability to cultivate new opportunities. Oftentimes, toxic people will use clever instruments, such as gossip, to distract us from reaching our highest potential. Filled with envy, toxic people will lay petty traps or instigate unnecessary battles.

Although it may be difficult to identify toxic people, we can locate them by assessing their spirit.


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