Secure The Money Bag: 3 Life Hacks To Rake It Up

As you secure the bag, you must understand that you are becoming an authority in your industry. Every experience prepares you to secure more bags. More education, training, and opportunities at mastering your craft will help you connect to financial opportunities.

There’s is an art and science to securing the bag. It’s not for everyone. It’s only for the hustlers, people who are willing to work, sacrifice, and build for their futures. Here’s three strategies to rake it up.

Diversify Your Social Capital

Securing the bag is more than networking, it’s about building social capital. Building significant social capital means that your relationships aren’t fleeting or transactional, they’re valuable. It’s understanding that mutual, beneficial relationships are built on reciprocity and goodwill. It’s having enough capital within your relationships to advance towards desirable goals.

Generally, people like to build relationships with others in their industry. They segment their social capital in areas they already harvested. However, people who secure multiple money bags, plant seeds and build value in diverse areas to yield quality returns. Wealthy people already know this. Securing money bags may come from unexpected, various people and sources. Major opportunities come through strong social capital, not transactional networks.

Repurpose Your Investments

Every investment isn’t going to yield the same result. Every source of capital may not derive from the same source. You are an industry and every investment you make should generate specific results. People who secure money bags, repurpose their investments to build more investments. They use every resource they have and repackage their returns for future gains. They use all the results from prior investments, view them from different perspectives, repurpose them, and collect more money bags.

For example, you invested in your education. People who secure large money bags, don’t capitalize on their degree like everybody else. They repurpose the results of their education and social capital, to propel towards future goals. They consistently use their creative skills to promote growth.

Strengthen Your Flexibility

People with stiff necks can’t reach the fruit. Your capacity to succeed relies on your ability to remain flexible. Underachievers believe that there’s only path to the money bag. But seasoned professionals understand that the money bags come in different forms, through different sources and from different people.

Strengthening your flexibility means you can utilize lateral moves like vertical ones. It builds on the notion that whatever you receive can be capitalized in a creative manner. Everything you want will not happened at your desired moment. But being flexible means you can use whatever you have to produce something you want.

Remember securing your bags relies on your ability to diversify your social capital, repackage and repurpose your investments, and strengthen your flexibility.


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