She’s Gotta Have It: Easy Ways To Lose A Good Woman

You’re an expert on love. You’ve felt love, made love, and gave love throughout the years. You have shared moments and memories that no one can discount. However, no matter how much experience you have, you can still lose a good woman.

Here’s a couple ways a brother can lose a good, wholesome woman.

  • Ghosting

Terminating a relationship without explanation or cause is toxic. Nobody deserves to invest in someone and have them leave without notice. It’s demoralizing, but it’s also a sign of maturity. A good woman wants a maturing partner, and ghosting is a typical sign of adolescence. Every relationship is filled with imperfections. However, ghosting is an imperfection that may never be reconciled. There’s great reasons to end a relationship, but we must be responsible enough to communicate them.

When you ghost someone, you are emotionally abusing them, promoting low self-esteem, and fueling unhealthy thoughts of rejection. If ghosting isn’t a reason to lose a good woman, I don’t know what is.

  • Failing to Adapt

A good woman has a growth mindset. She’s not interested in being stagnant. She wants to grow. She wants to become better. And if she loves you, she’ll want you to grow with her. Everyone has a divine purpose and she’ll want you to be a part of it. Failing to adapt can force relationships to drift a part. Our relationships are too valuable for us not to adapt to life experiences. Growing and adapting are partners. You cannot grow a life-long relationship without having the discipline and faith to adapt. New levels always require unplanned adjustments. And failing to adjust can turn potential lovers into unrecognizable associates.

It’s a terrible thing when two people are growing individually, but fail to make sacrifices to grow collectively.

  • Following Your Purpose

Following your purpose will force you to lose desirable relationships. Sometimes it isn’t the person’s fault. Sometimes losing a good woman is the perquisite for continuing towards your calling. You can disregard your purpose for a relationship that was never intended to materialize. When you connect yourself to a person who isn’t aligned to your purpose, God will use his omnipotent power to end it. No matter how hard you try, purpose always win.

Following your purpose is painful and losing a good woman may be a part of it.

Losing a good woman may force you to become an expert. You’re developing your skills in partnerships, relationships, and friendships. You’re mastering in hurt and pain. You might even learn how not to make the same mistakes twice, but most importantly you will become an expert in overcoming. Remember: never ghost, always adapt, and take the hits of following your purpose.


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  1. Yo…I one of your frat ghosted me like 4 years ago. Then recently tried to slide in the DMs. I politely declined, though, bc I’m no longer ratchet lol

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