You’re Black, Educated, and Toxic

Get out of the sunken place. Your intelligence doesn’t exempt  you from being toxic. Your education, Greek affiliations, and expanding networks doesn’t mean you’re healthy for the movement.  In fact, I would argue that major character flaws, along with your intelligence and influence, can build a poisonous culture for our community.

Being Black, educated, and toxic is a reality. Leaders use power to inflict harm. Average Americans disregard humble beginnings to gain personal riches. Successful people blame the State of Black America on others, without recognizing their own contributions.

Here’s 2 ways to identify Black, educated, and toxic people.

Practice Intellectual Laziness

Regurgitating someone’s thoughts and popular opinions doesn’t make you woke. In fact, it perpetuates a society where critical thinking and original thoughts aren’t celebrated or recognized. Practicing intellectual laziness simply means that you’re accepting and believing anything another person says.

Disrupting oppressive systems forces you to rely on your education. Your inability to fully utilize your intelligence doesn’t foster growth. It advances societal norms and groupthink. You’re poisonous if you don’t use your intelligence to challenge ideas, systems, and people. In some instances, you’re more toxic than others because you refuse to use acquired resources.

Pimping Emotional Trauma

Manipulating someone’s emotions for personal gain is problematic. Sharing emotional wounds is a sacred transaction toxic people flip for personal riches. Similar to a pimp prostituting a stripper, toxic people prostitute their talents. They utilize their gifts to acquire relationships, build goodwill, and manipulate feelings in order to reach higher levels.

Strong communities are built on reliable relationships. Applying your intelligence to manipulate others derails communities, ruins relationships, and damages future opportunities. Our communities are filled with emotional trauma, we have enough people trying to pimp our needs.  Remember: poisonous people use their intelligence to exploit others for personal glory.

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