Bosses are born, raised, and cultivated in the black church.  Yes, the church is a community of believers focusing on worshipping God. But don’t get it twisted, some of biggest Bosses grew up there, including auntie Oprah, cousin Beyoncé, and sister Michelle.

Matter a fact, show me a boss that doesn’t believe in God and I’ll show someone who is about to.

Here’s 4 reasons how Bosses are born in the black church

      1.   Develop Entrepreneurial Skills 

The church is best start-up school for budding entrepreneurs. With limited resources, you’ll learn how to make events, activities, and programs work. Leading a community program or ministry teaches you how to budget, build value-based relationships, and generate significant results. It refines your ability to develop key partnerships while mastering the art of selling, distributing, and marketing.

       2.  Expand Network

Old folk used to say, “everything you need is in the house” and it still rings true. The black church is probably the most diverse institution in our culture. You’ll find people from low-income families to million-dollar households, janitors to CEOs, criminals to cops, experts in education, technology, and finance among many others.

Bosses are master communicators. They understand that their ability to lead is connected to their capacity to communicate. Growing up in the church gives you foundation to effectively communicate. In fact, the church connects you to like-minded friends, mentors and opportunities.

      3.   Restore Faith

Don’t let Instagram fool you, bosses fail all the time. Since failure is the prerequisite of success, you must join communities of hope and restoration. Growing up in the church gives you a front row seat into people’s lives. You’ll see friends overcome depression, mothers defeat cancer, and fathers renew their focus. It gives you power to overcome your own struggles.

Bosses know that restoring faith isn’t only a form of self-care, but an act preservation.

 4.    Navigate Politics

Imperfect people are a part of the church. You may find people fighting for power, gossiping about others, and praying for your downfall. But you’ll never find a perfect church because there’s isn’t perfect people. Growing up in the church teaches you how to maneuver political climates. It prepares you to navigate workplace, local, and national politics.

Bosses must be effective political navigators to obtain success. The church’s environment gives them life experiences to deal with future obstacles.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about becoming a boss. It’s about giving God all the glory and being more like Jesus. If you’re a part of a church, I’d suggest you become active. If you can’t find one, then keep looking.



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