5 Reasons Tyrone Hankerson Will Get Off

I think you better call Tyrone cause he’s about to be rich.

Based on social media accounts, Tyrone used his Financial Aide position to steal $429,000. Listen! If you’d give me $429,000 I’d be good, really good.

Here’s 5 reasons why he’ll get off:

  1. If we believed Tyrone misappropriated funds, would the illustrious Howard University still allow him to enroll in courses? Most colleges won’t let you walk across the stage if you owed them $5.00 (I know mine did). If he stole the bag, he shouldn’t walk in a couple weeks.
  2. I’m not a psychologist, but Tyrone seems like a sharp cookie. Do you believe if he would’ve stolen $429,000 that he’d be flossing around in fur coats and designer materials? I live by DC and know MANY Howard grads and students, all of whom are very intelligent. Even if they had a corruptible spirit like Tyrone allegedly had, I highly doubt they would’ve engaged in that type of activity. Most of them probably would’ve flipped it lol
  3. Following the audit, President Frederick fired 6 employees for misconduct. During his interview with Roland Martin, Tyrone stated that he hasn’t been contacted by the university about the case. So if we believe Tyrone is true, wouldn’t Howard call him about it? Let’s be clear, it’s $429,000, wouldn’t he catch a case already?
  4. Yesterday, it was reported that former Howard University employees misappropriated $369,000 in financial aide. During Tyrone’s interview, he stated that he was awarded monies during his tenure at Howard ( 6 or 7 years) for participating in activities and the like. Now, did the awards look sketchy, yes! But is it unreasonable for someone to gain financial awards in school, especially when they have connects? No.
  5. Tyrone stated clearly that he didn’t have access to award himself funds. Howard has been operating since 1867, for 151 years! Do you believe Howard, with its $600 million endowment, will have absolutely no internal controls for this?

It isn’t unrealistic that Tyrone didn’t steal anything. However, it is realistic that to think Howard employees allocated funds to his benefit. It is realistic that he used the system to collect the bag. It is realistic how Howard students were begging for money that Tyrone received. It is realistic that their system is messed up. And it is also realistic that many students dropped out because one person got funds that others could have desperately used. It’s probably an accurate assertion that this is a systemic issue. Personally, I don’t think Tyrone stole the money, he just hustled the system.

Now he’s is suing Howard for $10 million for leaking financial information. I’m not a lawyer, and even if he did or didn’t do it, my guess would be that he’ll get something.

Call Tyrone, he finna be rich.



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