Purpose Will Not Fix You

Self-help is a 10 billion-dollar market! And that’s only within the United States! Millions upon millions of us are finding our purpose, discovering ourselves, and wandering through relationships after relationships.

Many of us believe that if we find our purpose then everything will be healed. We assume that problems will be solved and the messiness of our journey will get cleaned. Well, it won’t. Purpose will not fix you. Purpose will not heal your wounds. Purpose is not the magic pill to recover pain.

Let’s kill the misinformation while we’re here. People will make you believe that purpose is a singular item. That you’re here for one reason. Well, it’s not. Each person has multiple purposes!!  For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and father, then you purpose isn’t only destined to your business, it’s also tied to raising your children. Our journeys are not fixed on focusing on one item. And if we live like it is, then we’re robbing ourselves of a fruitful, healthy life.

Now that’s said, FINDING YOUR PURPOSE WILL NOT FIX YOU. You can be fully aware of your purpose and still have emotional scars, financial obstacles, and spiritual demons. Following your purpose will not get rid of your problems, but it will always magnify them if not handled responsibly.

Purpose will not fix the problems you have with building relationships, saving money, fighting diseases, or shifting through situations you don’t like. SO STOP BELIEVING FINDING YOUR PURPOSE WILL CURE YOU. You will have bigger problems if you don’t deal with it today.

We must strengthen ourselves and tackle our problems now so we will become ready will purpose arrives.

Some of us think that finding our purpose is in a book, story, or magazine. However, for most us, finding our purpose came out of taking control of our problems (and not relying on “finding our purpose” to cure us.)


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