5 Reasons Tyrone Hankerson Will Get Off

5 Reasons Tyrone Hankerson Will Get Off I think you better call Tyrone cause he’s about to be rich. Based on social media accounts, Tyrone used his Financial Aide position to steal $429,000. Listen! If you’d give me $429,000 I’d be good, really good. Here’s 5 reasons why he’ll get off: If we believed Tyrone misappropriated funds, would the illustrious Howard University still allow him to enroll in courses? Most colleges won’t let you walk across the stage if you…

10 Ways To Throw Shade At Work

Throwing shade at work is a blood sport. You may have no desire to play, but you must remain prepared. The best way to win the shade game is to understand how others play. Subconscious Shade Throwing shade because it’s who you are. Self-Shade Intentionally throwing shade on someone, but failing because it also applies to you. Paper Trail Shade Reducing your ratchet urges and hood mentalities to respond to somebody  in an unprofessional manner. Professional Paper Trail Shaders maintain…

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